Friday, November 4, 2016

Searching for Bobby Orr, by Stephen Brunt

Bobby Orr may very well be the greatest player to ever lace up hockey skates. He dominated the game like nobody before him ever had. But, he played in a time that was a bit too early for his greatness to develop the mass appeal it deserved. This book looks to explain his greatness, starting with him as a young child. It follows him through his juniors career, and on to Boston. It goes into the struggles and his career is plagued by injuries, cutting his career far too short. It deals with his struggles as his career comes to an end. It dives into his relationship with his agent, and life after hockey. What made Bobby Orr the legend he became?

I admit, I had no idea how little I knew about Bobby Orr before I read this book. I'm too young to remember his career. I new he was the best Bruins player ever. I know about the winning goal. That's about it. So, for me, this book was an incredible eye opening into a player I should have known everything about. He wasn't just the greatest ruins player. That was cutting him short. I had no idea just how much the injuries interrupted his career...not just shorten it. I didn't know the role of his agent, although I should have, So, for me, this book was fantastic. A new story or piece of information on every page. I finished reading the book, and instantly needed to search the internet looking for clips of Orr in action. Unfortunately, those are still few and far between. It made my imagine Orr playing today. Not only with the contant promotion of his skills, but surgeons who know more about what they're doing. How much longer could he have played? This book kept me reading, wanting to find out even more. I had a hard time putting it down, and can't wait to pick it up again.

Rating: 4 pucks

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dropping the Puck

Welcome to the first post of my Bruins blog! I know what you're thinking. Aren't you a Red Sox fan? And, you'd be right. But, just because I'm a Sox fan first and foremost, am I supposed to ignore the other sports in town? Certainly not. Might I sometimes have things to say about those sports? Of course I might. Isn't it a great idea to have a place for other Bruins fans to see what I have to say about their favorite team without Red Sox stuff getting in the way? Isn't it just as great to not force Red Sox fans to read my thoughts on the Bruins? Again, yes...and yes! So, I created this little corner of the internet to do just that. How often will I post? Oh, I don't know. Less often than I do on Section 36. But, hopefully enough to keep you interested. It's definitely a work in progress. We'll see how many great features from Section 36 I bring over here. I could certainly see "pictures" being a lot of fun in black and gold. I'm excited about having a place to talk about some of the great Bruins books I've read. Who knows...maybe I can even get a "visitor" or two to stop by. This should be fun. Stay tuned.

Until then, check out some posts I wrote on Section 36 that talk about the Bruins as well. Enjoy!

In "How Spoiled am I?" I blame the Bruins for my need to have a Jersey to wear during important games for all four sports teams.

In "Congratulations Patriots!" I discuss how great it is that all the teams can celebrate championships together on equal footing.

In "What if there was a Boston Sports Reward Program" I wonder...well, you know.

In "Which Images Make Your Grid Of Champions" I wonder which is the most iconic image from each of the last nine Boston Sports championships.

The plan is  for me to be adding lots more great content just like that, but right here on this blog. This is where it will be all Bruins, all the time.

I hope you'll be back!

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