Wednesday, December 4, 2019

K. Garcia Productions Week - Bruins Themed Shoots

During the month of December, the Section 36 blog is celebrating "Photography Month" with weekly posts about photography. Monday started the month off with a feature on a photographer who has meant so much to the success of Section 36, Kelsey of K. Garcia ProductionsI thought it would be fun to show just how much Kelsey's pictures have spread throughout the Section 36 Suite...all the way over to this blog.

K. Garcia Productions takes all sorts of photos, from headshots, to weddings, to shots on location, to just about anything. For instance, themed studio shoots.

Like...a Bruins themed one. That's exactly what happened when Kelsey combined her love of pageantry with Boston's favorite hockey team. Check out these great shots!

This first picture I'm going to assume Kelsey didn't actually shoot, because that's her right there in the middle. But, it shows what a fun group of titleholders she assembled for the shoot.

A couple props were brought out for this picture with Jackie O'Keefe. You may recognize Jackie from when she   interviewed   with Section 36, and this picture is on her Pageants profile page in the photo gallery.

Here are a few more great shots...

Hopefully you've enjoyed this look into what fun a photo shoot with K. Garcia Productions can be. If you want to try your own themed shoot, I suggest you get in touch with Kelsey.

And be sure to check out all the blogs in the Section 36 Suite to see even more of her work!

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